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North Dakota Job Service Retirees

Picture taken 08-29-2014 at Friday coffee.

   Leo was brought by his son and was a Late comer on 08-02-2013
                        Girl's meeting on Tuesday at MacDonald 's by KMart  at 10:00 AM.    
                       The guys meet Tuesday at Hardy's North at 9:00 AM.                

Pictures from May 12, 2016 retiree meeting.

(posted 05-12-2016) There were 26 in attendance at the retiree meeting.  It was decided that next year will be a noon lunch again, date not determined yet but it was felt that May was a better month to have it.  Anyone not receiving a notice should contact John Hoflen or Harry Bieber.  contact John at : or Harry at: .
(posted 04-26-2016) The meeting at the Amvets is coming up on May12, check out the info.

(posted 03-25-2016) Mike recently went to Texas visiting his daughters He said he spent 6 days down there (2 days with each daughter and family).  He said it was sunny the day he got there and and rained every day after that. This reporter spent 5 days in Sioux Falls while his brother had knee replacement surgery.
(posted 03-08-2016)Here it is acting like spring in North Dakota and people start thinking about the things they can do.  Soon those that went South will be coming back, race tract will open up, golf courses will be open and all the summer activities will begin.  Don't forget that our annual meeting will be on May 12 Th at the Amvets.  Not sure if it's for lunch or evening, I'll check that out and post it when I have the answer. This reporter has been fishing on the river.  On February 26 I was fishing for walleye and hocked a Northern pike, turned out to be 25 pounds and 44 inches long.  So now I have a Whooper Club certificate for that species.  Marg went with family on an trip to Wendover, NV.  A good time was had by all.
(posted 01-29-2016) Received an email from John H. as follows:
Next JSND Staff Meeting for Arizona residents and visitors will be held at the Mirage Sports Grill, 725 West Apache Trail, Apache Junction, AZ on Monday, Feb. 15, 2016 at 1:00 pm. 
Last meeting for the season is Monday, Mar. 21, 2016.  Same time and place. Lunch can be ordered off the menu. Questions, call Jim Kuntz at 701-471-9003. See you there!
(posted 01-20-2016)Mike went on winter vacation to Laughlin, Phoenix, and Los Vegas, visiting relatives and doing some gambling. He said Laughlin wasn't kind to them. Marlys celebrated her birthday by heading to PK along with Marg and other members of the family.  Haven't heard or seen Boyd C in a while but he also had a birthday on the 8th, same day as Marlys.
(posted 12-22-2015) It's that time of year again, time to wish you all A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!  We will not be meeting again until the new year, Jan. 8.
(posted 11-15-2015) Seems like Krolls has a better atmosphere for visiting, we will continue going there for the forseeable future.
(posted 11-9-2015)Next Friday (11-13-2015) The Friday group will meet at Krolls North.
(posted 10-30-2015) We had our last meeting at Minerva's, starting Nov. they won't be opening until 11:00 AM.  Next week Nov. 6, Friday, we will meet at Perkins North at 9:00 AM.
(posted 10-14-2015) Had a visit from John H., he was in town and dropped in, was nice visiting with him also Herb joined us, hasn't been here in a while.  Marlys reported on her trip to the host fest, said it was a good time.  She said there wasn't quite as many attendees the day she was there like usual.
(posted 9-27-2015) Jan was back at coffee after having hip replacement.  she says the hip is working pretty good but had some knee problems while doing rehab for the hip.  she says she still has to exercise to get full use. 
Marlys went on bus trip to Minnesota with the bank trip. She was at casinos in Hinckley and Milleacs. She said she had a good time. Marg wasn't feeling good, therefore she didn't go along with her sister.
Mike was on a trip to Laughlin, Phoenix, and Vegas visiting his brother and doing some gambling.
(posted 08-29-2015) It has been reported that Eva James passed away.
(posted 08-8-2015) Our sympathy goes out to the Don Stokke family,  Don died on August 1.  Not much to tell about, we still meeting every week at 9AM at Kelly Inn.  Marlys has had a busy summer at the race track.  There have been a lot of racers coming in to race and good crowds, this has really kept her hopping.  Mike broke the news that he will be getting married come next June, in the mean time he and his future wife are working out all the plans.
(posted 07-07-2015) Friday before last we had a new comer to the meeting, Deb Gross (retired for a year), one of the newer retirees. Deb has agreed to help with the next years get-to-gather.  We did some brain storming and decided that the party should be moved back a month to May 12, 2016.  Seems that summer months, June thru August are so busy with vacations, reunions, weddings, anniversaries, that it may work better to have the retirees meeting earlier or later. We opted to try earlier. It's a year away so if you have any suggestions, please let Mike, Deb or Harry know your feelings.
(posted 06-11-2015) We had 23 at the retiree meeting at the AMVETS.  The meal was very good and the company excellent.
(posted 06-01-2015) Reminder: Contact Mike for the Thursday June 11 noon time retirees dinner.  he needs to turn in a count by the 6th.
(posted 5-19-2015) Our sympathy to the family and friends of Darwin Vander Vorst who died Friday May 15.  Darwin was 80 years old.
(posted 5-1`3-2015) Art Gilbertson has passed away on May 9, 2015 at 88 years old, our sympathy to family and those who knew and worked with Art.  Other news the stock car racing season has started, Marlys and Marg are doing their part to support them.  Harry and wife have begin attending camp outs with a chapter of the ND Good Sam Club.  Mike's hip is getting better each day, he is doing his exercises and therapy.
(posted 4-21,2015) Mike had hip replacement surgery on the 9th of April, he is doing well.  He came to coffee on the 17 TH. It's his right hip, so he can't drive yet so his son is taking him places.  Marlys and Marg were on a trip to Minnesota sponsored by the Bank.  They reported having a good time.
(posted 4-6-2015) Anna (Hartman) Gietzen passed away last week,  She was 90 years old.  She worked in R&S. Our sympathy to the family.
(posted 3-19-2015) Just a note, Ruth Krebsbach, 98 passed away March 16, our sympathy to the family.
(posted 3-10-2015) JSND Staff Meeting for Arizona residents and visitors will be held at the Mirage Sports Grill, 725 West Apache Trail, Apache Junction, AZ on Monday, Mar. 23, 2015 at 1:00 pm. 
Harold Neameyer will be guest speaker.  Might need overshoes.
Lunch can be ordered off the menu.
Questions, call Jim Kuntz at 701-471-9003.
See you there!
(posted 3-9-2015) For those of you that have the PERS health insurance,  Sanford Health has the new contract starting in July of this year.  There was a write up in the Bismarck Tribune today giving information.  It appears that we can keep our doctors.  There is a WEB site available with information that they will provide and also a place to email you questions or concerns.  The WEB site is:
(posted 03-6-2015) Mike's recently had a marriage in the family here in Bismarck, so he had a number of his family here for the occasion.  A good time was had by all.  Marlys and Marg took a trip to Wendover Nevada sponsored by the Dakota Bank.  They said they  had a good time.  Today at coffee we had a good group, Mike, Marge, Marlys, Jan, Barb, Boyd, Art, Harry, and his brother (Ross) were in attendance.
(posted 02-19-2015) JSND Retirees
JSND Staff Meeting for Arizona residents and visitors will be held at the Mirage Sports Grill, 725 West Apache Trail, Apache Junction, AZ on Monday, Feb. 23, 2015 at 1:00 pm. 
Lunch can be ordered off the menu.
Questions, call Jim Kuntz at 701-471-9003.
See you there!
(posted 01-27-2015) Sympathy goes out to the Robert Moyle family, Robert died Jan. 17 and was a former employee.  Mike D got back from spending time in the desert South West doing some gambling and visiting his brother in Phoenix.
(posted 01-18-2015) The first 2015 Arizona Staff Meeting for JSND former and retired employees is Monday, Jan 26, 2015 at 1:00 pm at the Mirage Sports Grill, 725 West Apache Trail, Apache Junction, AZ.  Meeting in back room.  Ken Nechiporenko will be taking roll call and note those absent or tardy.
Questions, call or email Jim Kuntz at  or 701-471-9003.
Most of you might have gotten this email already.  See you there!  Just learned that Howard Gorder passed away on January 16, haven't heard when the funeral will be.
(posted 01-08-2015) Our sympathy goes out to Leo Swenson's family, Leo died 01-07-2015.  Funeral service will be on Tuesday the 13th, at 11:00 am at Trinity Lutheran Church, in Bismarck.,  Also sympathy to Mike and family in the death of his brother-in-law.
(posted 10-12-2014) Marlys went to the Host fest last week.  Art, Boyd, and Barb have been coming to coffee when Mike picks them up.
(Posted 08-29-20124) Good turn out at coffee this morning, Jim S, Herb T, and Jerry B. plus our other regulars were present . check out the picture above. Mike reported that his grand daughter living here in Bismarck was married last Friday, he had a lot of relatives staying at his house.  Marlys comented that this was the last racing night and that she will feel like shes on vacation for the rest of the year.
(posted 08-04-2014) Art Gilbertson has moved back to ND he is at Touchmark. Art was at our meeting last Friday, it was good to see him. He reported that Leo S fell and hurt his arm and hand and has been moved to a nursing home in Wishek.
(posted 07-12-2014) Marlys and Marj made a trip to visit an aunt in Nebraska.  Going and coming they stopped a the casino.  Marj said she had a little luck.  Mike went to Phoenix for his grandson's graduation from dental school. His grandson will be coming back to Bismarck to work.  Boyd is having a hard time walking, he uses a walker to get from the car to the table here in the Kelly Inn. Boyd also said that Art Gilbertson is moving back to Bismarck.  Art is recovering from throat cancer.
(posted 06-25-2014) A number of people suggested a noon luncheon rather than an evening meal for the retiree get together and we ask for you people to send in your preferences. You can email Mike or myself.
(posted 06-13-2014) 27 people attended our get together.  We had good food, and was great seeing old friends and hearing about from each about the lives in retirement.
(posted 06-04-2014) Time to get your reservations in for the get together on the 12TH.
(posted 05-10-2014) Retiree yearly meeting scheduled for June 12 at the Amvets. A flyer will be out soon. Put it on your calendars, would be nice to get together.
(posted)04-29-2014 Our sympathy goes out to Rose Halvorson and family in the death of Floyd.  Floyd died April 23, the funeral will be May 9 at 11 AM at Bismarck Baptist Church, 2211 LaForest ave. Bismarck.
(posted 03-28-2014) Marg was at Minnesota casino.  She said she didn't win a lot but had a good time.
(posted 03-21-2014) Mike D. recently made a trip to College Station in Texas to visit his daughters and families.  While there he was not feeling well and was in the hospital, turns out he had pneumonia and needed antibiotics, fluids, and some other medication. After a short time he felt much better and had a good visit with his family.
(posted 03-01-2014) Marlys and Marj spent 4 days in Wendover, Nevada with a tour group from the bank.  They had a good time and got out of the cold for a few days.
(posted 02-14-2014) Mike D. just got back from a trip to Arizona, Las Vegas, and Laughin. He visited family, attended a polka fest, and did some gambling. Tim H. has attended our coffee meetings occasionally.
(posted 01-15-2014)  Received a email from John H. The subject is JSND retirees wintering in Phoenix area having weekly meetings. The Arizona Job Service Staff Meeting for the month of January will be held on Monday January 20, 2014 at 1:00 p.m. at the Mirage Sports Grill located at 725 west Apache Trail in Apache Junction, Arizona. This is a very important Staff Meeting so it is critical that all permanent ,visiting and wintering Job Service Retiree's in the Valley of the Sun, be in attendance.

Anyone with questions, comments, or BS, may contact Jim Kuntz at
701-471-9003 or at
(posted 01-07-2014) Happy New Year everyone!  Mike's sister passed away after a long battle with cancer. Our sympathy to Mike and the family.  Birthday wishes go to Marlys and Boyd celebrating birthdays on Jan. 8.  Boyd will be 90.

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