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North Dakota Job Service Retirees

Picture taken 08-29-2014 at Friday coffee.

   Leo was brought by his son and was a Late comer on 08-02-2013

                        Girl's meeting on Tuesday at MacDonald 's by KMart    

                       The guys meet Tuesday at Hardy's North                

         Pictures from the retiree meeting June 11, 2015.

(posted 9-27-2015) Jan was back at coffee after having hip replacement.  she says the hip is working pretty good but had some knee problems while doing rehab for the hip.  she says she still has to exercise to get full use. 
Marlys went on bus trip to Minnesota with the bank trip. She was at casinos in Hinckley and Milleacs. She said she had a good time. Marg wasn't feeling good, therefore she didn't go along with her sister.
Mike was on a trip to Laughlin, Phoenix, and Vegas visiting his brother and doing some gambling.
(posted 08-29-2015) It has been reported that Eva James passed away.
(posted 08-8-2015) Our sympathy goes out to the Don Stokke family,  Don died on August 1.  Not much to tell about, we still meeting every week at 9AM at Kelly Inn.  Marlys has had a busy summer at the race track.  There have been a lot of racers coming in to race and good crowds, this has really kept her hopping.  Mike broke the news that he will be getting married come next June, in the mean time he and his future wife are working out all the plans.
(posted 07-07-2015) Friday before last we had a new comer to the meeting, Deb Gross (retired for a year), one of the newer retirees. Deb has agreed to help with the next years get-to-gather.  We did some brain storming and decided that the party should be moved back a month to May 12, 2016.  Seems that summer months, June thru August are so busy with vacations, reunions, weddings, anniversaries, that it may work better to have the retirees meeting earlier or later. We opted to try earlier. It's a year away so if you have any suggestions, please let Mike, Deb or Harry know your feelings.
(posted 06-11-2015) We had 23 at the retiree meeting at the AMVETS.  The meal was very good and the company excellent.
(posted 06-01-2015) Reminder: Contact Mike for the Thursday June 11 noon time retirees dinner.  he needs to turn in a count by the 6th.
(posted 5-19-2015) Our sympathy to the family and friends of Darwin Vander Vorst who died Friday May 15.  Darwin was 80 years old.
(posted 5-1`3-2015) Art Gilbertson has passed away on May 9, 2015 at 88 years old, our sympathy to family and those who knew and worked with Art.  Other news the stock car racing season has started, Marlys and Marg are doing their part to support them.  Harry and wife have begin attending camp outs with a chapter of the ND Good Sam Club.  Mike's hip is getting better each day, he is doing his exercises and therapy.
(posted 4-21,2015) Mike had hip replacement surgery on the 9th of April, he is doing well.  He came to coffee on the 17 TH. It's his right hip, so he can't drive yet so his son is taking him places.  Marlys and Marg were on a trip to Minnesota sponsored by the Bank.  They reported having a good time.
(posted 4-6-2015) Anna (Hartman) Gietzen passed away last week,  She was 90 years old.  She worked in R&S. Our sympathy to the family.
(posted 3-19-2015) Just a note, Ruth Krebsbach, 98 passed away March 16, our sympathy to the family.
(posted 3-10-2015) JSND Staff Meeting for Arizona residents and visitors will be held at the Mirage Sports Grill, 725 West Apache Trail, Apache Junction, AZ on Monday, Mar. 23, 2015 at 1:00 pm. 
Harold Neameyer will be guest speaker.  Might need overshoes.
Lunch can be ordered off the menu.
Questions, call Jim Kuntz at 701-471-9003.
See you there!
(posted 3-9-2015) For those of you that have the PERS health insurance,  Sanford Health has the new contract starting in July of this year.  There was a write up in the Bismarck Tribune today giving information.  It appears that we can keep our doctors.  There is a WEB site available with information that they will provide and also a place to email you questions or concerns.  The WEB site is:
(posted 03-6-2015) Mike's recently had a marriage in the family here in Bismarck, so he had a number of his family here for the occasion.  A good time was had by all.  Marlys and Marg took a trip to Wendover Nevada sponsored by the Dakota Bank.  They said they  had a good time.  Today at coffee we had a good group, Mike, Marge, Marlys, Jan, Barb, Boyd, Art, Harry, and his brother (Ross) were in attendance.
(posted 02-19-2015) JSND Retirees
JSND Staff Meeting for Arizona residents and visitors will be held at the Mirage Sports Grill, 725 West Apache Trail, Apache Junction, AZ on Monday, Feb. 23, 2015 at 1:00 pm. 
Lunch can be ordered off the menu.
Questions, call Jim Kuntz at 701-471-9003.
See you there!
(posted 01-27-2015) Sympathy goes out to the Robert Moyle family, Robert died Jan. 17 and was a former employee.  Mike D got back from spending time in the desert South West doing some gambling and visiting his brother in Phoenix.
(posted 01-18-2015) The first 2015 Arizona Staff Meeting for JSND former and retired employees is Monday, Jan 26, 2015 at 1:00 pm at the Mirage Sports Grill, 725 West Apache Trail, Apache Junction, AZ.  Meeting in back room.  Ken Nechiporenko will be taking roll call and note those absent or tardy.
Questions, call or email Jim Kuntz at  or 701-471-9003.
Most of you might have gotten this email already.  See you there!  Just learned that Howard Gorder passed away on January 16, haven't heard when the funeral will be.
(posted 01-08-2015) Our sympathy goes out to Leo Swenson's family, Leo died 01-07-2015.  Funeral service will be on Tuesday the 13th, at 11:00 am at Trinity Lutheran Church, in Bismarck.,  Also sympathy to Mike and family in the death of his brother-in-law.
(posted 10-12-2014) Marlys went to the Host fest last week.  Art, Boyd, and Barb have been coming to coffee when Mike picks them up.
(Posted 08-29-20124) Good turn out at coffee this morning, Jim S, Herb T, and Jerry B. plus our other regulars were present . check out the picture above. Mike reported that his grand daughter living here in Bismarck was married last Friday, he had a lot of relatives staying at his house.  Marlys comented that this was the last racing night and that she will feel like shes on vacation for the rest of the year.
(posted 08-04-2014) Art Gilbertson has moved back to ND he is at Touchmark. Art was at our meeting last Friday, it was good to see him. He reported that Leo S fell and hurt his arm and hand and has been moved to a nursing home in Wishek.
(posted 07-12-2014) Marlys and Marj made a trip to visit an aunt in Nebraska.  Going and coming they stopped a the casino.  Marj said she had a little luck.  Mike went to Phoenix for his grandson's graduation from dental school. His grandson will be coming back to Bismarck to work.  Boyd is having a hard time walking, he uses a walker to get from the car to the table here in the Kelly Inn. Boyd also said that Art Gilbertson is moving back to Bismarck.  Art is recovering from throat cancer.
(posted 06-25-2014) A number of people suggested a noon luncheon rather than an evening meal for the retiree get together and we ask for you people to send in your preferences. You can email Mike or myself.
(posted 06-13-2014) 27 people attended our get together.  We had good food, and was great seeing old friends and hearing about from each about the lives in retirement.
(posted 06-04-2014) Time to get your reservations in for the get together on the 12TH.
(posted 05-10-2014) Retiree yearly meeting scheduled for June 12 at the Amvets. A flyer will be out soon. Put it on your calendars, would be nice to get together.
(posted)04-29-2014 Our sympathy goes out to Rose Halvorson and family in the death of Floyd.  Floyd died April 23, the funeral will be May 9 at 11 AM at Bismarck Baptist Church, 2211 LaForest ave. Bismarck.
(posted 03-28-2014) Marg was at Minnesota casino.  She said she didn't win a lot but had a good time.
(posted 03-21-2014) Mike D. recently made a trip to College Station in Texas to visit his daughters and families.  While there he was not feeling well and was in the hospital, turns out he had pneumonia and needed antibiotics, fluids, and some other medication. After a short time he felt much better and had a good visit with his family.
(posted 03-01-2014) Marlys and Marj spent 4 days in Wendover, Nevada with a tour group from the bank.  They had a good time and got out of the cold for a few days.
(posted 02-14-2014) Mike D. just got back from a trip to Arizona, Las Vegas, and Laughin. He visited family, attended a polka fest, and did some gambling. Tim H. has attended our coffee meetings occasionally.
(posted 01-15-2014)  Received a email from John H. The subject is JSND retirees wintering in Phoenix area having weekly meetings. The Arizona Job Service Staff Meeting for the month of January will be held on Monday January 20, 2014 at 1:00 p.m. at the Mirage Sports Grill located at 725 west Apache Trail in Apache Junction, Arizona. This is a very important Staff Meeting so it is critical that all permanent ,visiting and wintering Job Service Retiree's in the Valley of the Sun, be in attendance.

Anyone with questions, comments, or BS, may contact Jim Kuntz at
701-471-9003 or at
(posted 01-07-2014) Happy New Year everyone!  Mike's sister passed away after a long battle with cancer. Our sympathy to Mike and the family.  Birthday wishes go to Marlys and Boyd celebrating birthdays on Jan. 8.  Boyd will be 90.  Leo S now resides at Touchmart.
(posted 12-02-2013) Kathy Hertz died on November 30.  Kathy was 59, an informal celebration of her life will be held from 1 - 3 PM, Tuesday, Dec. 3 at Whispering Creek Community room 2651.  Whispering Creek Circle, Fargo, ND.  Our sympathy goes out to Don and the family.
(posted 11-7-2013) The NDPERS  meeting today indicated that our retirement plan is in good shape, it is over 100% funded.  Health care plan will not change until latter in 2014.  One thing brought out is if you have NDPERS retirees health plan and also the prescription drug plan do not go to a different prescription drug plan because you will than loose the NDPERS health plan.              
(posted 11-05-2013)  Marlys and Marj were on a bus tour to Sky Dancer  at Belcourt recently.  Guess there was a number of JSND retirees on the buses.  Not much for winning anything but a good time was had by all.  Just a reminder that NDPERS will be giving an update on Thursday this week at 1221 college drive on the Bismarck State College Campus.
(posted 10-21-2013)Mike recently spent time in Arizona and Nevada. he attended his brothers 90TH birthday and spent time in Las Vegas and Laughin.
(posted 09-20-2013)  Marlys and Marj recently were on a bus tour.  They reported that they had a very good time, they saw a lot of beautiful country and places. Places like: Air Force Academy, Pikes Peak, Church's, Grand Canyon, Zion National Park, Yellowstone National Park, and more.  If you see them, I'm sure they would tell you about their trip.               
(posted 08-30-2013) Mike D was in Iowa helping his son and family with some basement clean up from water that got into the basement from heavy rains.  I was missing last week at our Friday meeting, the Good Sam camping club, of which we are a members, had their annual get together in Rugby, ND. this is the first time we have attended usually we only attend our chapter camp outs.  It was a fun time. 
(posted 08-02-2013) Good turnout this date. see video. Those present: Art G., Mike D., Marlys S., Marj, Boyd C, Barb C, Herb T, Jan B, Ellen M, Paula S, Leo S, Harry B, Leona H. and her husband. Lots of stories from the past were told.,  
(posted 06-14-2013) There were 28 at the retiree's dinner.  Seems like we should have had a lot more.  It was great to hear how it's going for our retirees.  Input to how we can make this event work out better for more retirees can be sent to Ellen Mccarthy (  Mike D. recently traveled to Minnesota for the christening of his newest twin grandchildren. The stock car racing here in Bismarck has started and  Marlys is back helping and Marj is a devout spectator. 
(posted 05-16-2013) Marion Walz died she was 79, our sympathy goes out to the family.    
(posted 05/11/2013)Mike recently was in Texas visiting his daughters. He was there for a grand child's first communion.  Marlys and Marj will begin attending the stock car races.
(posted 04-27-2013) Hope you all recovered from the snow fall. Mike had some delays in his trip to Minneapolis both coming and going because of the storms.  He visited the families of his sons living there. Marge said it took 4 days before she could get her vehicle out of the garage.  The city plows had blocked her drive way and it took that long for the people to get it cleared. That was sure some heavy stuff.
(posted 04-01-2013) Ellen Mac was at coffee last Friday and she reported that she accomplished another of her things on her "bucket list". She recently went with God's Child organization group to Guatemala where she took care of babies. Hats off to you Ellen for the help you have given to the less fortunate.
(posted 03-16-2013) Mike got away from winter for awhile. He visited his brother in the Phoenix area and drove up to Vegas and spent a little time there, then returned to Phoenix before flying home.  He said it was a good time.  Marlys & Marj spent a night and a day down at Prairie Knights with relatives.  They reported they had a good time even though they didn't win much.
(posted 02-14-2013)Marlys & Marj went on a bank sponsored trip to Laughlin, Nev..  They said they had a good time.  Quite a few JSND retirees along and Jerry & Eunice B drove up from Lake Havasu, AZ.
(posted 01-21-2013) Happy New Year to all you retirees.  Barb and Boyd C. are settled, Mike has been picking them up for coffee on Fridays.  Boyd likes to talk about old times, he recently celebrated his 89 birthday.  Mike recently visited his son and family in Minnesota. He said the twins are a few weeks old and the first thing that happened when he got there one of the twins was handed to him and he said he was holding one or the other the entire time he was there.  Tim H. has taken another job besides driving school bus so it will be difficult for him to get to retiree coffees. Marlys and Marj are regulars at coffee.  Marlys reported that she recently went to Prairie Knights to celebrate her birthday and actually won a few dollars, course Marj usually wins, they both came back happy. I had heard that Don H. fell and broke a bone in his neck. We wish him a speedy recovery.
(Posted 11-30-2012)  Mike spent Thanksgiving in Texas with his daughters and their families.  Marlys entertained her family for Thanksgiving. Ellen Mac recently was on a tour to Italy.
(Posted 11-29-2012) In a meeting with PERS 11-27-2012 information was provided about our retirement, health care plan, and the other retirement plans that PERS is responsible for below is Mike's summary of the meeting:
Summary of discussion at the November 27, 2012 presentation by Sparb Collins regarding the Job Service Retirement system and related topics
Please note: The Power Point slides Spar used for the presentation will be posted to the PERS website within the next day or two.
The Job Service Retirement system continues to be in good shape. Both the Market Value and the Actuarial Value of the fund is more than 100 Percent of the amounts potentially due current and future retirees.
The PERS retirement system for state employees and current Job Service employees is not in the same condition. That fund is currently at about 68 percent of amounts potentially due current and future retirees. There will be a lot of discussion during the next legislative session and many questions will be raised about the long term solvency of that fund. Job Service retiree need to remember that while the state system is in trouble, the Job Service system remains in good condition.
The health insurance (Medicare Supplement) available to Job Service (and other state retirees) looks good also.
The premium for that plan consists of two parts:
The medical part - Where the premium is adjusted on July 1st of each year. That portion of the plan will not experience a change on July 1, 2013 or July 1, 2014.
The prescription drug portion of our plan premium is adjusted on January 1st. The cost of that portion of the plan will actually decrease by $17.70 per month where one person is covered by the plan and $35.38 where 2 people are covered. That change is a result of changes brought about by the Affordable Health Care Act (Obama Care)
These are the key items discussed at the above meeting. If you have questions, you are invited to contact NDPERS for answers to your specific questions.
Mike Deisz

The information that was presented will be posted on the PERS web site soon, so you can read through it. The site address is as follows:

(Reported 11-19-2012) Mike reported that his sons twins have arrived, he recently drove down to see them.
(Reported 11-04-2012) Boyd & Barb have returned to ND, they were at coffee on Friday.  We look forward to them being at coffee.
(Reported 10-26-2012) Mike D and friend recently vacationed in Washington DC.  Mike reported it was a good trip and they seen a lot but more to see another time.
Just learned this morning that Charles Grumbo passed away yesterday 10-25-2012, our sympathy to the Grumbo family, Chuck was 75 years old.  His service will be Monday at 12:30pm at the Cathedral.
(reported 10-07-2012) Our sympathy to the Novak family, Joe passed away October 5.  Joe was 90 years old and was in the nursing home in Steele. The service will be at DeWise-Perry funeral home on the strip at 11AM on the 8 TH, Monday.
(reported 10-05-2012) Marj and Marlys recently have been on a bank bus tour to Deadwood.  They had a good time with their family who were on the tour or met there.  They also took in a day at the hostfest.  Tim was vacationing in Northern Minnesota with his wife.  Herb and wife were on a bus tour to the East Coast for the fall colors.  Mike recently received the 50TH year award for his membership in IAPES and IAWP during their meeting at Prairie Knights.
(reported 09-08-2012) Our sympathy to the Kellar family in the death of Aaron.
Mike reported that his sister has had treatments for 3 weeks, after a couple more treatments they will test to see how the tumor is reacting.  Marj and Marlys report the local racing season is over but a couple races yet  on TV.
(reported 08-12-2012)a good turnout at our coffee gathering Friday 08-10-2012. Marlys and Marj, Mike, Tim, Paula, Herb and me.  Marlys and Marj were on a bus trip to New Rockford to attend an annual play event. They also made other stops.  They reported they had a very good time.  They also reported that other JSND retirees were along on the trip.  Marg reported that she has had some luck at the casinos.  Good going Marj.  Marlys also said she came back with some spending money for a change.  Mike reported that there were complications with his sisters surgery and had to be stopped.  She will be trying an oral chemo treatment.

(reported 07-8-2012) Hope you all had a good 4TH of July.  Mike D. recently took his sister to Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, she will be having surgery soon for a cancerous growth in her abdomen.  Mike will be taking her there and be there while she is in the hospital.  Barb and Boyd did not make it to the Friday meeting on the 22ND, tuns out Boyd was hospitalized for viral pneumonia. Guess he was in the hospital until the following Wednesday.
(reported 06-15-2012) From the top picture you can see we had a good turnout this day Barb and Boyd were here and are looking to move back to Bismarck.  They will be here again next week Friday and hopefully they will have found a place by then.  Barb had a really tough year, she had 2 back surgeries.  She is doing better. Gerald B. reported visiting Joe Novak in the nursing home at Steele and is doing OK there.  The two gals in the far right corner were Job Service employees back when Boyd was manager of the Bismarck office.
(Reported 06-08-2012) 18 people at the dinner last night, seems that the attendance is getting smaller each year.  Food was good, and the fellowship was just great!  We talked about why so few are coming.  If you didn't come give Ellen or myself information as to what you would like these meetings to be that would make you want to come. Harold N. reported that he had an accident while fishing, seems he caught a 10 pound northern and put it on a stringer but as he was moving away his foot got tangled in the string and he fell.  He broke his nose and was bleeding profusely.  Tim H. was with him and drove him to the ER.  This happened about 5 weeks ago. Harold is doing OK now.
(reported 05-30-2012) John Hoflen has been in town for the last few weeks and has attended coffee with the groups.  John and Sharon will be going back to AZ before the retiree get together.
(reported 05-5-2012) Just a note,  Boyd and Barb Clemens will be at Friday coffee on June 15th.  Come and join us in welcoming them back.  Herb T. came to coffee and reported that they had been on a winter cruise to Hawaii.
(reported 04-02-2012) June 7th retiree meeting at AMVETS in Bismarck starting at 5:30 PM.  More information will be coming.
Mike D. recently spent time with his daughters in Texas. Our sympathy to Marlys and Marj and family in the death of their mother.
(Reported 03-12-2012) John H. reported on the winter meeting in Phoenix.  As follows: A number of Job Service Retiree's who live or winter in the Phoenix Area gathered for a recent Staff Meeting. Those in attendance were Boyd and Barb C., Ron and Janelle Daugherty, Don and Kathy H, Gene Gourde, Don and Barb Stokke, Loyd and Shari Tysse, Ray Gudjates,and Jim and Margaret Kuntz.
It didn't take long for the group to solve most of Job Service's problems, and a few of the World's problems also. And then the Meeting progressed into telling tall stories about past accomplishments.
It seemed that most members in attendance have at least a few physical or medical ailments. Some more than others. But all in attendance still had keen minds, as demonstrated by the factual details of tall tales from 30 years ago.
Since the group came to a consensus on most issues, it is unlikely that the Executive Geezer will call another Staff Meeting prior to the Winter of 2012-2013. If any issues materialize prior to then, you may contact any Geezer for expert advice.
(reported 02-20-2012)   Here we are in the new year.  Winter has been great.  Mike D. took a trip to Vegas and Phoenix, he visits his brother and grand son there.  Marlys and Marj have been busy getting their mother situated in a new setting in the baptist home.  They have been making some trips to PK, where Marj has been doing pretty well as of late.  Tim H. is driving school bus and tells us of some of the things that go on during the trips to and from school.  John H. was in town last week and dropped by.  
 (Reported 12-20-2011)  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Our sympathy to Pat Knoll's family at her passing and to the family of Jennifer Gladden. 
I met with the Tuesday groups and took a couple of new pictures.  Also would like to report that Diane and Marvin Alveshere will be moving into their rebuilt home in February.  If you are not aware, they lost their home in a fire this summer.                                        
(reported 12-08-2011) Marlys recently went on bus tour to Branson.  Marlys reported it was one of the best Branson tours she has been on.  Mike spent Thanksgiving in Texas with his daughters, his son in Iowa drove down and joined them.  Tim has been busy driving school bus in Bismarck.  Marlys had Thanksgiving for 22 people at here condo.
This reporter has been busy hunting and fishing since the flood has diminished.  Harold N and his son, Kelly joined Kent S. and myself on a goose hunt near Stanton, the geese liked the spread of decoys and the four of us were able to get our geese, we returned the next day with similar results.
(reported 10-26-2011) John and Sharon Hoflen were in Bismarck for a few days.  John stopped by coffee on Friday (Oct. 21). Also got word this morning that Pers has OK'ed the 3.6 % cola increase.
(reported 10-01-2011) Marlys and Marj were on a bus trip to Deadwood here a couple weeks back.  They had a enjoyable time, didn't win a lot, but didn't loose a lot either, so a successful trip.  This past week they were to the host fest.  Tim H. and wife spent vacation time in Minnesota North country camping.  Mean while this writer has been fishing quite a bit trying to catch up with all the fishing time I lost on the river because of the flood.
(reported 07-25-2011) Marlys and Marj were in Vegas recently to see Marj's daughter get married.  They had a good time and everything went well.  They said it was a little bit hard for the wedding party to get around because there were so many people in Vegas at that time.  Mike spent time in Minneapolis visiting with his sons and family.  They took in a ball game while there.  He also traveled to Milwaukee to visit his in laws.  Herb and wife have sold their home and moved into a condo.   Tim H. and wife spent time on the East coast visiting his family.  As for myself, after a month being dry, we started getting seepage in our basement.  We stayed pretty close to home, after spending about 2 weeks using vacuums to suck up the seepage every couple of hours we had a sump pump put in and  that has taken care of the problem.  We know we are blessed to be in the dike protected zone and feel for those that had their homes flooded.  We did manage to attend my wife's home town 125 year celebration in late June, and guess what we ran into there, my brother-in law was having seepage in his basement.  We ended up helping him and his son put in a sump pump.  Seems they had 6 inches of rain a few days before the celebration, so we weren't having much luck getting away from water problems.
(reported 06-21-2011) Our get together was a success.  There were 33 present.  The 3 pictures above are of those present.
(reported 05-14-2011) Our sympathy goes out to the Elinor Friez family, Elinor died May 8, 2011 ending her battle with cancer. Elinor will be missed.  Other news, EuniceWilliamson suffered a stroke after moving to Washington state where her daughter lives. We understand that she is getting better.  Marlys S. is helping with the stock car races again this year, which started last week.
(reported 04-15-2011) John and Sharon Hoflen came back to ND for 3 weeks to pack their belongings up and head south to their home in Lavine, AZ. They will be back late June for a visit but will be spending winters and summers in AZ. The rest of us that have stayed in ND for the winter are just hoping that the snow will finally end.
(reported 03-27-2011)It is reported that Joe Novak is residing in a assisted living facility in Minot near relatives, and in the future will be moving to Steele's assisted living facility near relatives. Mike D. spent 2 weeks visiting his Daughters and families in the state of Texas. Mike reported that when he was coming home the flight into Bismarck could not land at the Bismarck airport because of ice and was diverted back to Minneapolis. Mike spent the night with his son and family and was able to get back to Bismarck that next morning. Just received word that Don Flemmer passed away, our sympathy goes out to Evie and the family.
(reported 02-18-2011) Please note that the date for the June meeting this June has been noted (June 2nd) and will be at the Bismarck AMVETS. We heard that Jack Moore passed away. Mike D. is a Grandpa again and soon will be traveling to see the new grandson. Herb T. is planning a cruise with relatives for this year.
(reported 12-22-2010)Ralph Lange, 87 died December 7, 2010 of complications following hip surgery. Ralph will be missed and our sympathy goes out to his family. You can view the obituary on line at The Friday group not meeting this Friday the 24, but will meet next week Dec. 31. Merry Christmas to you all!
(reported 12-03-2010)John H. would like to thank all who contacted him to get the retiree records updated. Today we had surprise visit from Boyd and Barb, seems they are in Bismarck for a wedding. Also Ellen Mac. was in attendance and she reported on her vacation to China. she had a very enjoyable time. Tim Heiser attended the first time since his knee replacement, he reported he is getting along pretty well.
(reported 11-26-2010)Mike D. recently went on a whirlwind trip. He went to Minneapolis to visit his son on the weekend, went to the Vikings NFL game on Sunday, then drove back home, got up 4:00 on Monday morning and flew to Las Vegas gambled a bit and rented a car and drove to Phoenix. There he spent time with his brother. Our prayers go out to Elinor Friez, her lung cancer has returned and she is having radiation treatments.
(reported 10-24-2010) Marlys S. recently returned from a bus tour that took her to a riverboat tour on the Mississippi river. She said the colors along the river were beautiful. John Hoflen and wife went on a bus tour to the east coast to view the spectacular fall colors. They reported having a wonderful time even though they had rain and clouds. Mike D. is busy replacing his top boards on his deck.
(reported 09-28-2019) Our sympathy to the Herda family in the death of Pete.
(reported 09-07-2010)Paula Smith had surgery on her lower leg, she will be laid up for a couple of months. The first month she will be in a wheel chair and the second month will use a walker. She would like visits, but call ahead. It has also been reported that Kathy Hertz has cancer, our prayers go out to her. The summer is about over. It has been a busy one. Lets hope we have a long nice fall.
(reported 06-25-2010)This morning we had Boyd and Barb Clemens at our coffee meeting. Was nice visiting with them. Also want to mention something I had forgot to report. Some weeks back Marlys Andrusak's husband died, our sympathy to her and the family.
(reported 06-12-2010) These are comments Ellen received from our recent mailing: Hi, We spend our summers in Tigard, OR from early May to Oct 25. At the present, we doubt we will get to Bismarck. We have no family there and both of our children live in OR. I know I would enjoy the opportunity to visit. It is good to see you are still in good "old ND. -Mel Walz
Our computer is out of order. Hope to get it running soon. Here's a little money ($10) to help you out. -Boyd Clemens.Hi, Thanks for your info on the retirees dinner. Sorry we can't attend. Greet the attendees for me. We moved from TX to New Mexico last August, so I wanted you to have the new address. -Henri McCully Best regards to all of you. - Ralph Lange
We will be in WY for an antique show at that time. -Barb Serr
Why don't you have a noon luncheon. Maybe the out of towners could come then. -John P. Woods Any information about Job Service Retiree activities can be emailed to me at: Don't think I'll make it to Bismarck very often but you never know. Thanks. -Mary Hinz Hi Ellen: Thanks for the invitation. To the best of my knowledge, we will not be in North Dakota at that time so guess I will have to decline. Please keep me on your list and if we're ever in the area at the right time would love to attend. Thanks Again. -Marjean and Ed.
Hi Ellen, I will not be able to attend the dinner again this year, I will be in Wisconsin for my Granddaughter's 13Th birthday on June 2. Hope to make it again one of these years, dates have just not been working out for me, am generally in WI to open the cabin over the Memorial Day week, etc. My email address is: keep me on the list for future announcements. Hope you have a great summer--finally getting some nice weather. Have so much to do outside to catch up before I head to WI. I'm off to Ireland for 2 weeks in September to celebrate my 70Th birthday, taking my two daughters and a nephew will join us. Going on our own, taking a 4 day rail tour and then renting a car and seeing as much of Ireland as we can in 2 weeks. Take care now. -Charlene Scott
Harold and Barbara Neameyer will be attending the Job Service Retirees social hour and dinner on June 3rd, my email address is -Harold
Could we have a noon meeting which would help out of town people as we could come and still go home same day without cost of hotel. It gets rather expensive the way it is. Thanks - Lorraine Ista Would like social hour to be at least 1½ hours. Everybody leaves right after supper, so once you sit down to eat, you only visit with those right around you. - Marlys Pfenning
Happy hour should be at 4:30/ more time for visiting before meal. Everyone seems to leave right after dinner. -Sharon Schmidt
(reported 06-03-2010) New pictures of the gathering this year are posted above, Their were 40 some people present.
Ellen received the following email from Mike S.: Thanks for the retiree party letter but I will not be there. You can take my name off the list but I am glad I got the blogsport address to look at. I am still living and loving Lake Havasu City AZ!!! I'm not sure if you heard about Cyndi's passing on 10-01-09. She was diagnosed with lung cancer in Oct. 2007. She was doctoring at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale for 2 years. We made 36 trips during that time, @ 500 mile/trip. They were wonderful but the cancer caught up to her. It has been a very sad time since that day but we both agreed that life goes on and that I don't dwell on what happened.
Josh married Catie on 6-5-04 in GF. They are both UND grads. Josh is a police officer here in Lake Havasu and Catie is an Occupational Therapist with her own practice in town. We had our first grandchild on 6-27-07, Madilyn Savannah. She is a super kid and really loves her PAPA but than why wouldn't she??? We were so fortunate, especially now, that they live in Havasu.
I still get lots of winter visitors and have had 7 JS active/retired visitors over the years. Ray G has been here 3 times when in Mesa. Myron and Bev Fischer were renting a condo here for 3 months and coming back again next year. They love it here! Terri Jerik (Lawler) she works in the GF office was here in Feb. with her husband. I have also hosted Vern Wick, Jim Kuntz, John Tsoumpas and Jerry Hjelden between 2003-2007. Please say hi to everyone (that may remember me) at your JSND party. Let them know I am in Lake Havasu and will always be available for entertaining them.
Remember get-together coming up June 3rd at the AMVETS. John H. reported that he and Sharon are moving to Arizona this summer, they are in the process of buying a home there. Mike D. is hoping for some sunny weather for painting, he will be painting his son's house in Iowa. Marlys S. says her shoulder is healing slowly. She does therapy, but it's slow for her. She's back at the track on Friday nights doing her thing.
(reported 05-01-2010)Mike D. was in Minneapolis last week for his grandsons birthday. Herb T's returned from visiting relatives in California, then flew to Australia and then by ship to New Zealand. Herb reported there was much to see. Marlys S. is recovering slowly. She is getting ready for the racing season.
(reported 04-09-2010) John H. and Sharon vacationed in Mesa AZ. for a few days in early March. Ellen Mccarthy just returned from vacationing in Mexico.
(reported 03-30-2010) Mike D. attended a brother-in-law's funeral in Milwaukee, Wis. We welcome Marlys S. back, her shoulder is healing faster than they thought so she was able to get out and about earlier than expected.

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